Cyprus justice minister says alleged Russian spy’s laptop will be given to US

Cyprus official: US will get Russian spy’s laptop

Cyprus justice minister says police searching Russian spy suspect’s confiscated laptop

Cypriot authorities searching spy suspect’s laptop

Cyprus president says island’s authorities not at fault for vanishing of Russian spy suspect

Cyprus president: Not our fault spy suspect fled

3 Va. spy suspects to remain jailed after waiving detention hearing

3 Va. spy suspects to remain jailed

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The three Virginia suspects in an alleged Russian spy ring will remain in jail after waiving their right to a detention hearing.

Prosecutors: 2 more Russian spy suspects acknowledge fake names; say they kept thousands

Prosecutors: 2 spy suspects admit using fake names

3 await hearings in Russia spy case as Cyprus says alleged money man may have fled island

Hearings set in Va. for 3 in Russia spy case

Cyprus justice minister says he believes alleged Russian spy has fled island

Cyprus official: Russian spy has fled island

US embassy denies reports it is holding alleged Russian spy fugitive who jumped bail in Cyprus

US embassy denies reports it has 11th spy fugitive

The fugitive: Alleged Russian spy paymaster jumps bail and disappears in Cyprus

Cyprus hunts for alleged Russian spy paymaster

Cyprus hunts for alleged Russian spy paymaster who jumped bail and disappeared

Cyprus hunts for alleged Russian spy who fled

Cyprus police step up search for vanished suspect in Russian spy ring

Cyprus police seek vanished Russian spy suspect

Cypriot police say they are search for alleged Russian spy who vanished after release on bail

Cypriot police say Russian spying suspect vanished

Cyprus police arrest alleged Russian spy trying to catch flight to Hungary

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Suspect arrested in Cypriot Archbishops’ tomb vandalism; follows body snatching of ex-leader

Suspect nabbed in Cyprus Archbishops’ tomb attack

Grave robbers steal remains of Cypriot Archbishops, follows body snatching of former president

Grave robbers steal Cyprus Archbishops’ remains

Recovered body of Cyprus’ former president reburied 3 months after its theft

Cyprus ex-leader’s stolen body is reburied

Cyprus court orders 2 men held over theft of former president’s corpse

2 men held for theft of Cyprus ex-leader’s corpse

Body of Cyprus’ ex-leader found; justice minister insists financial motives behind theft

Missing body of Cyprus’ ex-leader found, 3 arrests

Cyprus police arrest 3 men for theft of ex-president Papadopoulos’ body

3 arrested for theft of Cyprus ex-leader’s body

Family denies ransom demand behind the theft of corpse of Cyprus’ ex-leader

Missing body of Cyprus’ ex-leader is found

Justice minister: Ransom demand behind the theft of former Cyprus president’s body

Ransom behind theft of Cyprus’ ex-president corpse

Cyprus police confirm body found in cemetery is stolen corpse of ex-leader

Cyprus police confirm body is ex-leader’s corpse

Cyprus police say body found in cemetery could be stolen corpse of former president

Cyprus police say found corpse could be ex-leader

Cyprus police charge TV host, 2 men with murder of island’s top publisher

Cyprus: 3 suspects charged in publisher’s murder

Cyprus police prevent multi-million deal to sell 4,000 year-old antiquities

Cyprus police bust large antiquities theft ring

Cyprus police arrest 3 suspects in murder of island’s most powerful publisher

Cyprus police arrest 3 over publisher’s murder

Cyprus police say political motives in powerful publisher’s murder unlikely

Cyprus police: publisher’s murder not political

Assassination of Cyprus’ most powerful publisher stirs fears of instability on divided island

Cyprus assassination stirs fears of instability

Publisher’s slaying stuns Cyprus, island’s president visits family’s home

Publisher’s killing stuns Cyprus

NICOSIA, Cyprus — Political leaders on Cyprus expressed shock Tuesday at the slaying of the island’s most powerful publisher by a gunman who fled with an accomplice on a motorcycle.

Cyprus president condemns murder of island’s main publisher

Cyprus president visits home of murdered publisher