A diplomatic feud between Prince Charles and India is latest problem at Commonwealth Games

Diplomatic feud latest woe at Commonwealth Games

Tokyo deports New Zealand activist convicted of obstructing Japanese whaling ships

Japan deports convicted NZ anti-whaling activist

Japan court convicts NZ activist of obstructing whaling mission, orders suspended sentence

Japan court convicts NZ anti-whaling activist

Cornell doctoral student from New Zealand to be sentenced for wife’s murder, could face life

Cornell doctoral student faces life for murder

Australia says it will take Japan to International Court of Justice to stop its whaling

Australia to take Japan to court over whaling

Australia moves to expel Israeli diplomat over forged passports used in Dubai slaying

Australia moves to expel Israeli diplomat

CANBERRA, Australia — Australia ordered the expulsion of an Israeli diplomat after investigators concluded Israel was responsible for forging four Australian passports that were used in the slaying of a Hamas operative in Dubai.

More snapshots of cases of Catholic Church transferring or moving priests accused of abuse

More snapshots of priests accused of abuse

Snapshots of some cases of Catholic Church transferring or moving priests accused of abuse

Snapshots of Catholic priests accused of abuse

AP IMPACT: Predator priests shuffled around world, some still at large and still ministering

AP IMPACT: Predator priests shuffled around globe

Police: New Zealand man watched strippers after leaving baby in car

Police: NZ man at strip club leaves baby in car

New Zealand Catholic church investigating 5 more historic sex abuse complaints

NZ Catholic church investigates 5 abuse complaints

Cornell grad student from New Zealand on trial in wife’s slaying

Cornell student from NZ on trial in wife’s murder

Opening statements expected in NY murder trial of New Zealand man charged with killing wife

Opening statements for NZ man in wife-murder trial

Jury selection begins in NY murder trial of New Zealand man charged in wife’s slaying

New Zealand man on trial in NY in wife’s murder

Colorado medical marijuana growers say men broke into home, tied them up, stole pot and guns

Colo. medical marijuana growers report invasion

Japan arrests New Zealand anti-whaling activist for illegally boarding Japanese vessel

Japan arrests whaling activist for boarding ship

New Zealand imprisons German tourist for trying to smuggle lizards out of the country

NZ jails German tourist for smuggling reptiles

Israel says no reason to think Mossad killed Hamas operative, but doesn’t confirm or deny it

Israel: No reason to think Mossad killed Hamas man

Whaling protester in custody on hunting vessel to be taken to Japan to face charges

Whaling protester to be charged in Japan

ADELAIDE, Australia — An anti-whaling activist from New Zealand is in custody on a Japanese vessel and will be taken to Japan to face charges after secretly boarding the ship as part of a protest, officials said Tuesday.

Anti-whaling activist boards Japanese vessel to make citizen’s arrest for destruction of boat

Whaling protester secretly boards Japanese boat

New Zealand teen auctions her virginity to raise money for university

New Zealand virgin auctions herself for tuition

New Zealand police seize weapons after 33 dogs shot in cruelty case

NZ police seize weapons after dog slaughter

New Zealand jails German for trying to smuggle 44 lizards in pants at airport

Man caught at airport with 44 lizards in pants

New Zealand reviews company registration rules after NKorea arms smuggling links to local firm

NZ reviews company rules after arms smuggling link

AP IMPACT: Crew smuggling North Korean arms to Iran traced to remote air base in Kazakhstan

AP IMPACT: Shadowy arms deal traced to Kazakhstan

Afghan security forces tighten security in Kabul after Taliban attack

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

New Zealand police inquire into reported attack on human-friendly dolphin; mammal found safe

NZ police inquire into attack on dolphin

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Police in New Zealand are investigating reports that a boisterous teenage dolphin with a reputation for stealing surfboards and balls from swimmers was attacked with a paddle after annoying a canoeist.

Clinton visiting Pacific nations for talks on countering terrorism and strengthening relations

Clinton embarks on Pacific trip; focus on terror

New Year revelers ready for better times in 2010