Uzbeks stick to rebuilding in Kyrgyzstan’s divided south as elections approach

Uzbeks avoid politics in Kyrgyz divided south

Police arrest 24 Hindu nationalists who barged onto reality show TV set to protest Pakistanis

24 Hindu nationalists arrested for TV show protest

Violence, drugs, corruption: On 200th birthday, Mexico troubled by what it sees in the mirror

On 200th birthday, Mexico battered but not broken

Lolita Lebron, Puerto Rican nationalist jailed in shooting attack on US Congress, dies at 90

Puerto Rican nationalist Lolita Lebron dies at 90

Lolita Lebron, Puerto Rican nationalist jailed in shooting attack on US Congress, dies at 89

Puerto Rican nationalist Lolita Lebron dies at 89

Officials: Head of Pakistan’s federal counterterrorism office resigns amid turf battle

Key Pakistani counterterrorism official resigns

Police say Pakistan army kills 3 suspected suicide bombers at firing range; 4 soldiers wounded

Pakistan police say army kills 3 suspected bombers

Russian art curators convicted of inciting religious hatred but let go after fines

Russian curators sentenced but not imprisoned

Moscow curators face 3 years in prison for exhibit that offended Russian Orthodox Church

Moscow curators face 3 years in prison

MOSCOW — One painting depicted Jesus Christ as Mickey Mouse, another as Vladimir Lenin. The 2007 exhibit was part of an effort to fight censorship of the arts, but the Russian Orthodox Church was horrified.

After 12-year probe, Northern Ireland’s disputed ‘Bloody Sunday’ killings face moment of truth

‘Bloody Sunday’ in NIreland faces moment of truth

Swiss nationalist and leftist lawmakers block deal with US over UBS tax evasion dispute

Swiss lawmakers reject deal with US in UBS tax row

Puerto Rican nationalist sentenced to 7 years for 1983 Wells Fargo robbery in Conn.

Man sentenced to 7 years for 1983 Conn. robbery

Russian court bans ultranationalist group for promoting Nazi ideology

Russian court bans neo-Nazi group

MOSCOW — The Moscow City Court said Wednesday it had outlawed one of Russia’s largest ultra-nationalist groups for the promotion of neo-Nazi ideology.

Mississippi white supremacist found stabbed, beaten, burned; authorities arrest neighbor

Slain Miss. white supremacist was stabbed, beaten

Media-savvy Mississippi white supremacist found dead; Authorities make an arrest

Man arrested in death of Miss. white supremacist

Moscow judge shot to death in apartment building; presided in trial of skinheads

Moscow judge who sentenced neo-Nazis shot to death

30 years on, Salvadoran president apologizes for assassination of bishop that precipitated war

Salvadoran leader apologizes for bishop’s killing

Hollywood production tackles Taiwan’s oppressive Nationalist rule

Hollywood film tackles Taiwan’s martial law era

Puerto Rican nationalist pleads guilty to charges related to 1983 Wells Fargo robbery in Conn.

Puerto Rican pleads guilty to 1983 Conn. robbery

With release of pope gunman, Turks recall another shooting by the same man _ this one fatal

Pope gunman’s release jars Turkey

ISTANBUL — The release of the Turkish man who shot the pope in 1981 has unsettled Turks who remember him for another crime — the killing of journalist Abdi Ipekci, whose calls for tolerance still resonate in a divided nation.

Assassination of Cyprus’ most powerful publisher stirs fears of instability on divided island

Cyprus assassination stirs fears of instability

China warns London’s outrage over execution of British man could threaten relations

China shows defiance with Briton’s execution