Military Intelligence

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration on Friday implored the website WikiLeaks to stop posting secret Afghanistan war documents, as the Pentagon pressed its investigation of the massive security breach by bringing a soldier under scrutiny back to the U.S.

HONOLULU - A federal prosecutor said Thursday a former B-2 bomber engineer helped China design a stealth cruise missile to raise money to pay the $15,000-a-month mortgage on the mansion-like home he built on Maui's north shore.

NEW YORK - It was a night in early November during the infancy of the Cold War when the anti-communist dissidents were hustled through a garden and across a gully to a vehicle on a dark, deserted road in Budapest.
US att'y general: Probe seeking Afghan leak source
CAIRO - A Pentagon investigation will determine whether criminal charges will be filed in the leaking of Afghanistan war secrets, U.S.
US braces for blowback over Afghan war disclosures
WASHINGTON - Operatives inside Afghanistan and Pakistan who have worked for the U.S.
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