War crimes prosecutor urges EU to keep up pressure on Serbia to arrest Ratko Mladic

War crimes prosecutor: Keep pressure on Serbia

Ex-Guatemalan soldier linked to 1982 massacre in homeland sentenced to 10 years in US prison

Ex-Guatemalan soldier gets 10 years in US prison

Mexico ups security amid concerns that cartels could attack bicentennial celebrations

Mexico ups security on bicentennial attack concern

Another Mexican mayor slain; Clinton angers Mexico by comparing it to Colombia decades ago

3rd Mexican mayor in month slain by hit men

Mexican mayor killed, marines arrest 7 suspects in massacre of 72 migrants

Mexican mayor killed, massacre suspects arrested

Servant testifies head of Filipino clan ordered massacre of rivals, journalists over dinner

Servant testifies Filipino warlord ordered killing

Witness says patriarch of Filipino clan ordered last year’s massacre of rivals, journalists

Servant testifies Filipino warlord ordered killing

2 bodies found in northern Mexico are apparently officials who investigated migrant massacre

Mexico: 2 bodies likely massacre investigators

3 more suspects in Mexico migrant massacre found dead following anonymous tip

3 suspects in Mexico migrant massacre found dead

Mexico federal prosecutors take over probe of migrant massacre, survivor opts to leave country

Mexico launches federal probe of migrant massacre

Families of migrants killed in Mexican massacre say they couldn’t pay ransom

Families of massacred migrants couldn’t pay ransom

Under heavy security, Mexico starts to identify 72 migrants killed near US border

Mexico starts identifying 72 massacred migrants

Death of 72 migrants at Mexican ranch highlights brutally of human trafficking

Drug cartel suspected in massacre of 72 migrants

Mexican government: 72 migrants found dead at ranch may have been killed by Zetas drug gang

Drug cartel suspected in massacre of 72 migrants

Mexican federal official: Witness says 72 people found dead near US border were migrants

Official: 72 found dead in Mexico may be migrants

Victims of massacre in northern Afghanistan had given years of service to Afghans

Victims of Afghan massacre gave years of service

Members of clan suspected in Philippine massacre kill aide to witness, wound 2 other people

Aide to witness to Philippine massacre gunned down

Suriname president and ex-dictator vows not to interfere with own trial in 1982 massacre

Suriname president-elect says his trial will go on

Gunmen storm party of young people in northern Mexico, officials say 17 slain

Officials say gunmen kill 17 at party in Mexico

British prime minister says he is ‘deeply sorry’ for Bloody Sunday massacre of 1972

UK leader: We are ‘deeply sorry’ for Bloody Sunday

UN court gives life sentences to 2 Bosnian Serbs for genocide at Srebrenica

2 Bosnian Serbs get life for Srebrenica genocide

Aquino seen as favorite as Filipinos vote amid fear of fraud, glitch in 1st automated polls

Aquino seen as favorite as Filipinos begin voting

Despite violence, glitch, polls open in Philippines’ 1st automated vote

Polls open in Philippines’ 1st automated elections

Filipinos look for clean leader amid fear of fraud, glitch in 1st automated polls

Filipinos look for clean leader in automated poll

Bosnian Serb war criminal hospitalized after assault at British prison

Bosnian Serb war criminal assaulted in UK prison

Filipino massacre suspect allowed to hold news conference; endorses a presidential candidate

Filipino slaying suspect endorses a prez candidate

Dropping of charges against 2 clan members in massacre sparks protests in Philippines

Philippines drops charges vs 2 massacre suspects

Japanese activist gets confessions of rape, mass killings in Nanjing documentary

New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape

Philippine clan chief, dozens of followers cleared of rebellion but stay in jail for massacre

Philippines clears clan head of rebellion charges

Police say 164 people will be charged for their alleged roles in central Nigeria massacres

164 people face charges over massacres in Nigeria

Chicago man admits he scouted for Mumbai massacre and plotted attack on Danish paper

Terror suspect admits scouting for Mumbai massacre

Karadzic: Srebrenica massacre, Sarajevo siege in Bosnia are ‘myths’ based on phony evidence

Karadzic: Genocide indictment has false evidence

Mexican police capture 3rd suspect in last month’s massacre in bloody border city

Mexico arrests 3rd Juarez massacre suspect

Mexican president vows that besieged border city will ‘again become a city of law’

Mexican leader listens to border city on drug war

Hundreds march against drug gang violence in Mexican border city, simulate massacre of teens

Hundreds protest violence in Mexican border city

Philippine Ampatuan clan patriarch, 195 others indicted for massacre of 57 people

Nearly 200 people indicted in Philippines massacre

Mexican police: Gunmen kill 6 men at bar in northern, drug-plagued Sinaloa

6 killed at bar in cartel-plagued Mexican state

AP IMPACT: Mexican drug cartels run rehab clinics, forcing recovering addicts into their ranks

AP IMPACT: Drug cartels co-opt rehab for recruits

Mexican officials: Gunmen in border city massacre acted on information from neighbor

Mexico says neighbor’s info led to massacre of 15

Guinea commission blames lieutenant who tried to kill coup leader for stadium massacre

Guinean commission report casts blame for massacre

Death toll in Mexican massacre rises to 16; mayor fears attack was random

Mexican mayor fears massacre of 16 was random

Japan, China still at odds over Nanking massacre after joint study by state-appointed panel

Japan, China still at odds over ‘Rape of Nanking’

Witness testifies clan chief, son planned Philippine massacre, hired militiamen for killings

Witness links clan chief to Philippine massacre

Rebel leader accused of genocide lives freely in France, sends press releases from apartment

Rebel leader accused of genocide lives in Paris

Philippine massacre witness testifies against warlord clan, says victims begged to be spared

Philippine massacre witness implicates suspects

Suspect in Philippines’ worst political massacre of 57 people pleads not guilty

Suspect in Philippine massacre pleads not guilty