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Varanasi Bomb Blast Sends Shock Waves
VARANASI, INDIA ( Varanasi Bomb Blast which killed a child and left several others injured has sent shock waves across the nation and it marks the re emergence of terrorist activities after a period of lull.
2 killed as troops open fire on Kashmir protesters
SRINAGAR, India - Two people were shot dead by security forces Saturday as deaths continued to mount during weeks of defiant protests against India's rule over the predominantly Muslim region of Kashmir.
Police warn of shooting if Kashmiris break curfew
SRINAGAR, India - Four people were killed Tuesday as thousands of protesters ignored police warnings they would be shot on sight if they defied a round-the-clock curfew declared in Indian-controlled Kashmir in an attempt to quell weeks of deadly civil unrest against Indian rule.
British PM works to deepen Indian economic ties
NEW DELHI - British Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday that his visit to India had deeply strengthened the bonds between Britain and its former colony, whose burgeoning economy he wants to help his own country recover from a brutal recession.

NEW DELHI - An official says the Indian and U.S.
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