Emanuel could find himself playing catch-up if waits too long to get into Chicago mayor’s race

Time crunch for Emanuel in Chicago mayor race

Afghans vote for new parliament despite militant attacks but turnout appears low

Afghans vote despite attacks; turnout appears low

Jesse Jackson Jr. addresses potentially damaging details that arose in Blagojevich trial

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Pakistani printers say they’re printing thousands of fake Afghan voter registration cards

Pakistani printers make fake Afghan voting cards

Daley dynasty: A father, a son, a legacy of skyscrapers, success _ and a cloud of corruption

Daley dynasty: 1 family rule of Chicago nears end

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley says he won’t seek 7th term leading nation’s 3rd-largest city

Barack Obama (Waxwork)

Chicago’s longtime mayor, Richard Daley, says he won’t run for re-election

Barack Obama

Neb. city council suspends voter-approved ban on hiring, renting homes to illegal immigrants

Neb. city council votes to delay immigration law

Some Nebraska residents suspicious of motives behind possible immigration ordinance delay

Nebraska town could delay immigrantion ordinance

Publicly funded elections starting in Hawaii despite potential legal questions

Big Island launching publicly funding elections

Hartford, Conn., mayor convicted of corruption counts says he will step down while appealing

Hartford mayor convicted of corruption steps down

Hartford, Conn., mayor convicted of taking a bribe, attempted extortion

Hartford, Conn., mayor convicted of corruption

Republican operative accused of stealing $1M that NYC mayor gave to Independence Party

Republican operative in NY accused of stealing $1M

Cancun mayor charged with organized crime, money laundering; barred from running for governor

Cancun mayor charged with ties to drug cartels

Arrest of Cancun politician heightens fears that drug gangs infiltrating Mexican elections

Cancun mayor’s arrest fuels fears of drug politics

Mexican authorities arrest Cancun mayor on drug, money laundering charges

Mexico arrests Cancun mayor on drug charges

Mexico arrests Cancun mayor on drug, money laundering charges

Mexico arrest Cancun mayor on drug charges

Ruling party candidate’s killing stokes fear that Mexico drug cartels will control elections

Candidates threatened in local Mexico elections

17 arrested at Fremont, Neb., meatpacking plant for immigration violations, ICE says

17 arrests at meatpacking plant in Fremont, Neb.