Medical experts challenge prognosis for Lockerbie bomber as senator suspects mischief

Medical experts doubt Lockerbie bomber’s prognosis

Senator says Scotland gave conflicting accounts of Lockerbie bomber’s treatment

Senator: conflicting account of bomber’s treatment

State Dept. official to Congress: US has no records of BP seeking Lockerbie bomber’s release

US has no records on BP and Lockerbie bomber

Libyan newspaper says Canadian detained on suspicion of spying for the CIA

Report: Libya detains Canadian spy suspect

UK warns Libya any celebration of Lockerbie bomber’s freedom would be offensive and tasteless

UK warns Libya over Lockerbie bomber anniversary

British families of Lockerbie victims call on US senators to visit Scotland

UK Lockerbie families call US senators to Scotland

Lockerbie bomber still causing an uproar a year after his release, just by staying alive

Lockerbie bomber fuels anger just by staying alive

Families raise new questions over medical advice that led to Lockerbie bomber’s release

Lockerbie families raise new questions over bomber

Cancer expert consulted in Lockerbie bomber case raises questions over medical advice

Cancer expert questions Lockerbie bomber case

BP delays plans to begin deepwater drilling off Libyan coast

BP delays Libyan offshore drilling

LONDON — BP is delaying plans to begin deepwater drilling off the Libyan coast.

NJ senators vow to reschedule BP-Lockerbie hearing, raise possibility of subpoenas

NJ senators vow to reschedule BP-Lockerbie hearing

Senate panel postpones hearing on Lockerbie bomber, citing possible witness ’stonewalling’

Senate hearing on Lockerbie bomber postponed

Scottish minister says he has no information to offer US Senate on the Lockerbie bomber case

Scottish official to skip US Lockerbie hearing

Swiss man released from Libya says he was ‘kidnapped’, kept in solitary captivity for 53 days

Swiss released from Libya tells of 53-day solitude

Family of Swiss man speaks of joy at his release from Libya after deal ends 2-year dispute

Joy as Swiss man home from Libya after 2 years

Swiss businessman held by Libya for nearly 2 years at center of diplomatic row released

Swiss held for nearly 2 years in Libya released

Malaysia bans export of weapon parts after cases linked to Iran, Libya nuclear trafficking

Malaysia passes law to curb nuclear trafficking

Libya lifts visa ban on 25 European nations after resolution of dispute with Switzerland

Libya lifts visa ban on 25 European nations

Libya demands concessions from Switzerland in diplomatic dispute

Libya demands diplomatic concessions from Swiss

After 200 years of neutrality, Swiss face ‘holy war’ from Gadhafi’s Libya _ real or not

Swiss face ‘holy war’ with Gadhafi’s Libya

Swiss businessman at center of diplomatic row leaves Libya, 2nd Swiss man still detained

Swiss man in diplomatic row leaves Libya

GENEVA — A Swiss businessman detained in Libya for more than 19 months has left the country, easing a diplomatic row that began with the 2008 arrest of Moammar Gadhafi’s son in Geneva, the Swiss Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

Virginia company pleads guilty to attempt to sell arms to people in Yemen, Libya

Virginia company pleads guilty to arms brokering

US demands more security of US-bound flights but security measures vary across Europe

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak
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Libyan court postpones 2nd trial of Swiss businessmen accused of illegal economic activity

Trial of Swiss businessmen postponed

TRIPOLI, Libya — A Libyan court has postponed the second trial of two Swiss businessmen accused of illegal economic activity, the attorney of one of the men said Sunday.

Libya accuses Swiss authorities of abusing Gadhafi son during 2008 arrest

Libya accuses Swiss of abusing Gadhafi son