Children in West Africa still forced into labor and trafficked to make chocolate, report says

WAfrica children still exploited to make chocolate

Reported child sex abuse on the rise in Africa amid new helplines, police work and legislation

Kenya sees rise in reports of child sex abuse

Michigan prosecutor’s blog raises questions about public workers’ rights to unpleasant speech

Mich. worker’s blog sparks debate on free speech

No smiles, few words from Wizards’ Arenas: ‘The only place I want to smile is on the court’

No smiles, few words from Arenas on media day

Union: LA-area teacher who killed himself was upset over low teacher ranking by newspaper

Union: Low ranking a factor in teacher’s suicide

Beggars, migrant workers mostly vanish from New Delhi streets for Commonwealth Games

Beggars mostly gone from New Delhi during games

Colleagues: Iowa egg producer at heart of recall is tough businessman, generous to charities

Iowa egg producer separates business, charity work

Police officer arrested in shooting death of South African teen during school protest

Officer arrested in death of SAfrican teen

NY judge gives ex-IBM exec 6 months in prison for role in huge hedge fund insider trading case

Ex-IBM exec gets 6 months prison in Galleon case

Ex-IBM exec faces sentencing for his role in biggest hedge fund insider trading case

Sentencing set for ex-IBM exec

NEW YORK — Former IBM executive Robert Moffat faces sentencing for his role in the biggest hedge fund insider trading case in history. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit securities fraud and securities fraud earlier this year.

Federal investigations conclude Arizona violates the rights of students learning English

Feds say Ariz. violates rights of English learners

South Africans whose trials are delayed by strike could end up suing government, lawyer says

Strike causes delays at South African courthouses

Great Silk Road’s dark side: Govt quotas force Uzbek children to skip school to grow silkworms

Silk’s dark side: Uzbek kids made to grow cocoons

College professor in NY says he was let go for being foreign and not gay; school denies claim

Professor claims NY college favored gays over him

Some companies may go too far in screening job seekers for prior convictions, credit history

Some job-screening tactics challenged as illegal

Friends of Conn. beer warehouse shooter say he long complained about racial discrimination

Beer warehouse shooter long complained of racism

Cops won’t say if they’re looking at possible racism at Conn. warehouse where man killed 8

Cops mum on probe of Conn. shooter’s racism claim

Kurds in Turkey’s military play conflicted role in battle against separatist ethnic kin

Kurds have conflicted role in Turkish military

Conn. man who killed 8 says on 911 call that he was angered by racism, ‘handled the problem’

Conn. shooter told 911 he ‘handled the problem’

Air Force orders court-martial for Ohio chief master sgt. accused of sexual harassment

Sgt. faces court-martial for Ohio sex allegations

NYC lawsuit says Census Bureau ignored employment commission warning, discriminated in hiring

NYC lawsuit: Census Bureau discriminated in hiring

Company says Conn. gunman who killed 8 had been ‘embraced’ as team member, denies any racism

Co.: Conn. shooter was selling beer to 3rd party

Pa. businessman awaiting sentencing on work visa fraud charges found dead in home

Pa. man charged with work visa fraud found dead

911 call reveals racial disparity at Conn. beer distributor where driver went on fatal rampage

911 call on Conn. shooting shows racial disparity

Conn. gunman’s girlfriend says he was ‘dazed, confused’ before workplace rampage that killed 8

Girlfriend: Conn. gunman ‘dazed’ before rampage

911 call: Conn. beer distributor shooter carried red lunch bag, chased people in parking lot

911: Conn. shooter chased people in parking lot

Girlfriend of Conn. gunman says he showed her evidence of racial harassment at work

Girlfriend: Conn. gunman was racially harassed

Police: Gunman at beer warehouse targeted managers; family claims he complained of racial bias

Police: Gunman at beer warehouse targeted managers

Police say first victims of Conn. beer distributor shootings may have been targeted

Cops: Conn. gunman may have targeted some victims

Police name 9 killed, 2 wounded in Conn. shootings; all except gunman were 50 or older

Police: Victims of Conn. gunman all 50 or older

Family claims beer driver who killed 8 people and himself snapped after enduring racial bias

Family: Racial bias caused Conn. gunman to snap

Family claims beer driver who killed 8 people, himself snapped after enduring racial bias

Family: Racial bias caused Conn. shooter to snap

‘Cold as ice’ Conn. driver who was caught stealing beer fatally shoots 8 co-workers, himself

‘Cold as ice’ Conn. beer driver kills 8, himself

‘Cold as ice’ Conn. driver who was caught stealing beer kills 8 co-workers, self

‘Cold as ice’ Conn. beer driver kills 8, self

Relative says Conn. deliveryman who killed 8 co-workers, self was pushed over edge

Kin of Conn. shooter says he was pushed over edge

‘Cold as ice’ Conn. deliveryman who was caught stealing beer kills 8 co-workers, self

‘Cold as ice’ Conn. beer deliveryman kills 8, self

Justice Department’s civil rights chief gives Maricopa County sheriff deadline to cooperate

Justice gives Az. sheriff deadline in rights case

Split US appeals court says Pa. prison can ban Muslim headscarves amid safety, drug concerns

US appeals court: Pa. prison can ban Muslim scarf

Illinois governor signs wage theft bill which penalizes employers who shortchange workers

Ill. penalizes employers who shortchange workers

Judge rejects Schwarzenegger request to force minimum wage on state workers

Judge rejects Schwarzenegger minimum wage request

Union leader says Blagojevich brought up Cabinet post during talk about Senate seat

Barack Obama

Jurors find former Agriprocessors slaughterhouse manager not guilty of child labor violations

Slaugherhouse manager acquitted in kid labor trial

Calif. police union fights budget cuts with billboards advertising blood splatter, murder rate

CA city’s police union fights layoffs with signs

Former slaughterhouse supervisor says boss ordered underage workers hidden during inspections

Iowa slaughterhouse supervisor hid child workers

Party-switcher Specter, challenger Sestak fight over who’s true Democrat in Pa. Senate race

News Pres Obama Healthcare

Former workers testify during manager’s trial about underage employment at Iowa slaughterhouse

Underage slaughterhouse workers testify in Iowa

AP source: Ex-Ohio AG who quit after harassment scandal to plead guilty to ethics charges

AP source: Ex-Ohio AG to plead to ethics charges

Two federal agencies promise stronger efforts to curb exploitation of child farmworkers

Agencies pledge to curb abuse of child farmworkers

Central question on CIA drone strikes: Illegal assassinations or legitimate terror operations?

Legal questions raised over CIA drone strikes

Russian court bans ultranationalist group for promoting Nazi ideology

Russian court bans neo-Nazi group

MOSCOW — The Moscow City Court said Wednesday it had outlawed one of Russia’s largest ultra-nationalist groups for the promotion of neo-Nazi ideology.