KINSHASA - Rwandan Hutu rebels have shot dead 21 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Xinhua reported Wednesday.

JOHANNESBURG - U.N. officials on Wednesday celebrated the arrest of a Congolese militia commander accused in gang rapes of more than 300 people, an easy and rare catch that happened only when he was handed over by fellow fighters.

JOHANNESBURG - Fellow rebels handed over the Congolese commander arrested for allegedly leading fighters in the mass gang-rapes of more than 300 people, a U.N.

KINSHASA, Congo - A man arrested after throwing rocks at President Joseph Kabila's motorcade committed suicide in his jail cell, a government press release said Monday, while human rights groups raised questions about his death.

KINSHASA, Congo - Police in southeastern Congo say they have arrested three men carrying six suitcases full of elephant tusks.
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