KIGALI, Rwanda - President Paul Kagame called Rwanda's election democratic and predicted victory after years of economic growth, though critics said political repression and attacks in the run-up to Monday's vote ensured he faced no real competition.

KIGALI, Rwanda - A Rwandan opposition leader who had been missing for a day was found dead Wednesday near the border with Burundi, officials said, and a colleague said it may have been a targeted killing.

KAMPALA, Uganda - The Rwandan refugee was walking home one night when four men jumped him and put him in a stranglehold.

KIGALI, Rwanda - Rwanda's electoral commission barred Hutu opposition figure Victoire Ingabire from running for president because she allegedly denied the country's genocide occurred, officials said Friday as complaints grew of a government crackdown.

KIGALI, Rwanda - An ethnic Hutu opposition candidate who hoped to run for president in Rwanda has been denied the right to appear on the ballot because of charges of denying the country's genocide, party officials said Friday.
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