Missouri man indicted on more charges related to smuggling of cigarettes into Illinois

Mo. man faces more cigarette smuggling charges

Man accused of orchestrating smuggling ring involving millions of cigarettes between Mo., Ill.

Feds: Man smuggled cigarettes from Mo. to Ill.

Ex-Guatemalan soldier linked to 1982 massacre in homeland sentenced to 10 years in US prison

Ex-Guatemalan soldier gets 10 years in US prison

US seeks maximum 10-year prison sentence for ex-Guatemalan soldier involved in 1982 massacre

US seeks max sentence for ex-Guatemalan soldier

Jordan’s King Abdullah says failure of peace talks would be a victory for terrorists

The White House

Jordanian peacekeepers freed by Sudan army 4 day abduction in Darfur

Sudan army frees kidnapped Jordan peacekeepers

2 peacekeepers kidnapped in Darfur are Jordanian, says Jordan

Peacekeepers kidnapped in Darfur Jordanian

2 NJ terrorism suspects had history of problems with school, law enforcement authorities

2 NJ terror suspects had brushes with authority

High school says NJ terrorism suspect was dangerous as a student and taught outside classroom

School: NJ terror suspect was dangerous as student

Israel, Egypt easing blockade on Gaza after 9 activists killed in Israeli raid on aid flotilla

Israel, Egypt ease Gaza blockade after deadly raid

Jordan: rocket launched from outside Jordan hits country’s Red Sea port city of Aqaba

Jordan says rocket hits Red Sea port city of Aqaba

Jordan: Russian-designed missile hit Aqaba site from outside the country

Jordan says it was target of Russian-made missile

Jordan investigating possible rocket attack after explosion in Aqaba

Jordan investigating possible rocket attack

Prosecutors say former Blackwater president flouted weapons rules with ’scofflaw attitude’

Feds: Blackwater president had ’scofflaw attitude’

Ex-Blackwater president, 4 others indicted over weapons; feds cite gifts to King of Jordan

Feds indict former Blackwater president, 4 others

APNewsBreak: Feds indict ex-Blackwater president, 4 others on weapons charges

APNewsBreak: Feds indict ex-Blackwater president

Iraq officials say gunmen killed Sunni cleric after morning prayers in Baghdad

Sunni cleric killed in Baghdad shooting

BAGHDAD — Gunmen killed a Sunni cleric early Wednesday, spraying him with bullets outside a Baghdad mosque where he had just finished leading morning prayers, officials said.

Obama, world leaders work to stop nuclear spread, prohibit weapons from reaching terrorists

Barack Obama

Obama sets new approach toward Muslim world: Less talk of terrorism, ‘Islamic radicalism’

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

AP sources: CIA officers had birthday cake waiting for spy who turned out to be suicide bomber

AP sources: Birthday cake awaited suicide bomber

Jordan says its ambassador in Pakistan was the target of a kidnapping attempt

Jordan’s ambassador to Pakistan targeted by plot

NYC prosecutor: Mom accused of killing son had illness-inventing disorder; defense disputes

NYC prosecutor: Mom accused of murder had disorder

‘I can’t bear to watch my son live this life,’ wrote mom accused of killing boy, 8, in NYC

Letter bares mindset of mom charged in son’s death

Friend: NY mother accused of killing autistic son driven ‘crazy’ by inability to cure him

Friend: NY mom had obsessed over dead son’s autism

Dubai faces questions over account of alleged European hit squad in Hamas slaying

Dubai wanted list for Hamas slaying faces snags

Dubai spurs international hunt for alleged hit squad linked to Hamas slaying

Dubai seeks global dragnet for Hamas slaying

Jordan arrests militants in connection with Jan. 14 attack on Israeli diplomats

Jordan arrests militants linked to Israeli attack

Son of ex-Iraqi FM Tariq Aziz says father suffers severe stroke in prison, loses speech

Ex-Iraqi FM Tariq Aziz suffers from a stroke

Suicide bomber video connects Pakistani Taliban to CIA attack, but are other groups involved?

Video links Pakistan Taliban to deadly CIA bombing

CIA bomber in video calls for attacks inside and outside US to retaliate for Taliban deaths

CIA bomber calls for attacks on US in video

Wife of Jordanian bomber says she is proud of him for killing 7 CIA employees in Afghanistan

Wife says CIA bomber hated the United States

Turkish wife of a CIA bomber says he considered America as an adversary

Wife says CIA bomber saw US as adversary

ANKARA, Turkey — The wife of the suspected Jordanian double agent who killed seven CIA workers in Afghanistan said Wednesday her husband regard the United States as an adversary.

AP sources: Bomber who killed 8 was invited to CIA base claiming he had info on top terrorist

AP sources: Bomber who killed 8 was double agent

Jordan spy agency pressured suspected double agent who bombed CIA base to help by jailing him

CIA bomber coerced to work for Jordan spy agency

Relatives say Jordanian suspected double agent who bombed CIA base wanted to die in holy war

Jordanian bomber of CIA base deceived family

AP sources: Bomber who killed 8 at CIA base was a double agent

AP sources: Bomber at CIA base was a double agent

AP sources: Bomber who killed 8 at CIA base was a Jordanian recruited to spy against al-Qaida

AP sources: Bomber at CIA base was from Jordan