Police officer arrested in Illinois, Indiana shootings that killed 1, wounded 2 others

Police officer arrested in Ill., Ind. shootings

Former police officer arrested in Illinois, Indiana shootings that killed 1, wounded 2 others

Former officer arrested in Ill., Ind. shootings

Suspect arrested in Ill., Ind. shootings that killed 1 man, wounded 2 others

Suspect in Ill., Ind. shootings in custody

Judge in Illinois dismisses weapons charge against former police officer Drew Peterson

Judge dismisses Drew Peterson weapons charge

Judge’s ruling on hearsay testimony in Peterson case seriously undermines state’s case

Hearsay ruling in Peterson case hurts prosecution

Judge denies motion to free former Ill. police officer Drew Peterson pending prosecutor appeal

Judge denies motion to release Drew Peterson

Judge denies motion to have ex-Ill. police officer Drew Peterson released pending appeal

Judge denies motion to have Drew Peterson released

Drew Peterson may find out if he’ll be released from jail during appeal of hearsay evidence

Peterson’s lawyers seek his release during appeal

Lawyers say Drew Peterson could be released from jail during appeal over hearsay evidence

Lawyers to seek Peterson’s release during appeal

Drew Peterson’s attorney says prosecution’s appeal on hearsay evidence signals it has no case

Peterson attorney says prosecution ‘chickened out’

Prosecutors: Drew Peterson’s murder trial delayed pending appeal of judge’s ruling on evidence

Prosecutors: Drew Peterson trial will be delayed

Judge delays trial of ex-Illinois cop Drew Peterson in third wife’s killing until July 9

Ex-Ill. cop Peterson’s trial delayed until July 9

Disappearance of ex-Ill. cop Peterson’s 4th wife central to prosecution in 3rd wife’s death

Missing 4th wife may be big part of Peterson trial

Pathologist testifies that death of ex-Chicago police sergeant’s 3rd wife was accidental

Pathologist: Ex-cop’s 3rd wife died accidentally

Drew Peterson prosecutors face challenge of convincing jurors ex-wife’s death wasn’t accident

Prosecutors must show Peterson’s wife was killed

Illinois court reinstates gun charge against former police officer Drew Peterson

Ruling reinstates Drew Peterson gun charge

Extraordinary hearing in murder case against ex-Ill. cop turning dress rehearsal for trial

Ex-Ill. cop’s hearing feels like real murder trial

Ill. murder suspect’s 2nd wife says he threatened to kill her, make it look like an accident

Ill. murder suspect threatened to kill 2nd wife

Attorney for Ill. murder suspect’s 3rd wife says 4th wife considered extorting husband

Lawyer: Wife mulled extorting Ill. murder suspect

Pathologist says death of Drew Peterson’s ex-wife wasn’t accident, injuries weren’t from fall

Pathologist: Peterson’s ex-wife didn’t die in fall

Ill. trooper says he was disgusted by investigation into death of Drew Peterson’s third wife

Ill. trooper testifies at Drew Peterson hearing

Witness: Drew Peterson’s ex-wife slept with knife under mattress, put deadbolt on bedroom door

Witness: Peterson’s ex-wife slept with knife

Savio’s beau says he told police he suspected Drew Peterson, hours after she was found dead

Savio’s beau says he immediately suspected her ex

Man says Peterson offered money to have his ex-wife ‘taken care of’

Man testifies that Peterson’s offer meant murder

Sister of ex-Ill. cop Drew Peterson’s missing 4th wife says Stacy Peterson feared for her life

Sister: Drew Peterson’s 4th wife feared for life

Doctor: Drew Peterson’s 3rd wife, who was found dead in bathtub, wasn’t prone to falling

Doc: Peterson’s 3rd wife wasn’t prone to falling

Relative of Drew Peterson’s missing wife says he bragged he could get away with murder

Witness: Peterson bragged he could cover up murder

Neighbor: Before she disappeared, Stacy Peterson predicted husband Drew would kill her

Neighbor: Stacy Peterson said ‘I’m already dead’

Neighbor: Drew Peterson’s fourth wife, missing since ‘07, would not have left children behind

Neighbor testifies at Peterson’s ‘hearsay’ hearing

Experts say investigation of Peterson’s 3rd wife’s death botched, could undermine prosecution

Experts: Police botched 1st Peterson investigation

Ex-Ill. cop says he never considered death of Drew Peterson’s third wife a possible homicide

Ex-cop speaks at Drew Peterson ‘hearsay’ hearing

Disappearance of Peterson’s 3rd wife becomes focus of ‘hearsay’ hearing in 4th wife’s death

3rd wife’s disappearance focus of Peterson hearing

Ex-Ill. cop to explain why he initially ruled death of Drew Peterson’s third wife accident

Ex-cop to speak at Drew Peterson ‘hearsay’ hearing

Stepbrother testifies at IL ‘hearsay’ hearing that ex-cop hinted he would kill his 4th wife

Witness: Peterson indicated he’d kill his 4th wife

Stepbrother testifies at ‘hearsay’ hearing that he always assumed ex-cop killed his 3rd wife

Peterson’s sibling testifies at ‘hearsay’ hearing

Witnesses to tell judge Ill. woman who mysteriously drowned feared ex-husband, a former cop

Witnesses to say drowned Ill. woman feared ex-cop

Ill. judge to hear, through witnesses, homicide victim’s fears of ex-cop Drew Peterson

Victim to ‘testify from grave’ in Peterson case

Judge denies request to bar public from hearing about evidence in Drew Peterson murder trial

Ill. judge denies motion to close Peterson hearing

Diocese: Suburban Chicago priest accused of abuse jumps church balcony in suicide attempt

Ill. priest attempts suicide after abuse claim