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DAMASCUS, Syria - Syria has accused a 19-year-old blogger who is in prison of being a spy, an official said Monday in the first comment from authorities on a case that sparked calls by a leading rights group for the young woman's release.

DAMASCUS, Syria - Syria accuses a 19-year-old detained blogger of being a spy, a Syrian official said Monday, the first comment from the authorities in a case that sparked calls by the New York-based Human Rights Watch for the young woman's release.

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration is pushing to make it easier for the government to tap into internet and e-mail communications.

STOCKHOLM - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Tuesday requested a new lawyer to represent him in the ongoing Swedish rape investigation and suggested the allegations against him could stem from personal conflicts.

STOCKHOLM - Swedish prosecutors defended their handling of a rape allegation against the founder of WikiLeaks, saying Sunday that they had made no mistakes in issuing an arrest warrant and withdrawing it less than a day later.
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