SCRANTON, Pa. - The trial of two white teenagers charged with a federal hate crime in the beating death of a Mexican immigrant focused Friday on an alleged cover-up orchestrated by police officers with close ties to the defendants.

SCRANTON, Pa. - Prosecutors and defense attorneys clashed Wednesday over whether two Pennsylvania men were motivated by hatred of Hispanics when they took part in the fatal assault of an illegal Mexican immigrant two years ago.

BELL, Calif. - The City Council for the corruption-riddled Los Angeles suburb of Bell had to cancel its regularly scheduled meeting Monday when four members facing criminal charges didn't show up.

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - One night two summers ago, an illegal immigrant from Mexico brawled with a gang of white teens from Shenandoah, an old mining town in the coal fields of northeastern Pennsylvania.

LOS ANGELES - The blue-collar suburb of Bell, already under investigation for possible misuse of funds and voter fraud, is also facing a federal probe into whether it violated the civil rights of Hispanics by deliberately targeting their cars for towing, officials said Friday.
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