Health Issues

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies have seized marijuana and conducted raids at 16 locations across Southern California.

LOS ANGELES - A California appeals court ruled Thursday that psychiatric and other confidential records of Franciscan friars accused of sex abuse should be made public in a long-awaited decision that could speed the release of similar documents about dozens of other accused priests and religious figures.

SAN FRANCISCO - California has a long history of defying conventional wisdom on the issue of marijuana, including its embrace of the drug in the 1960s and its landmark medical pot law 14 years ago.

DENVER - A Colorado pot grower trying a first-in-the-nation drug defense based on Obama administration memos about marijuana saw his case take a serious blow Wednesday when a federal judge felled the effort.

DENVER - A pot grower won't be allowed to use Colorado's medical marijuana law to fend off federal drug charges.
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