Global survey of lawyers finds corruption tainting legal profession in many countries

Survey finds corruption tainting legal profession

Guatemala captures alleged drug trafficker wanted in the United States

Guatemala captures drug suspect wanted in US

Widow of Guatemalan migrant killed by Los Angeles police officer says family hopes for justice

Widow of Guatemalan killed by LAPD wants justice

Activists rally in Los Angeles to protest shooting of Guatemalan day laborer

Los Angeles activists protest police shooting

Ex-Guatemalan soldier linked to 1982 massacre in homeland sentenced to 10 years in US prison

Ex-Guatemalan soldier gets 10 years in US prison

US seeks maximum 10-year prison sentence for ex-Guatemalan soldier involved in 1982 massacre

US seeks max sentence for ex-Guatemalan soldier

LA protests over police killing highlight frustration of immigrant area hardhit by recession

LA protests underscore frustration of immigrants

Los Angeles officer involved in deadly shooting is subject of civil rights lawsuit

Police officer in deadly LA shooting is being sued

Calm prevails in Los Angeles neighborhood after violent protests over fatal police shooting

Calm prevails in LA neighborhood after protests

Residents gather for 4th night to mourn police shooting victim in LA neighborhood; no violence

4th night of police protests in LA; no violence

Some Los Angeles residents say police harassment spawned outrage over shooting

LA residents: Police harassment spawned outrage

LAPD chief promises thorough investigation into officer’s fatal shooting of knife-wielding man

LAPD chief promises thorough probe into shooting

Massacre reveals hidden toll of Central American migrants killed crossing Mexico to the US

72 dead migrants found in Mexico tip of iceberg

Mexican president: Mayor slain in violence-plagued border state of Tamaulipas

Mayor in violent Mexican border state killed

Mexico’s govt to up security following blasts in border city; massacre investigation continues

Mexico to up security in border city after blasts

Families of migrants killed in Mexican massacre say they couldn’t pay ransom

Families of massacred migrants couldn’t pay ransom

Former prison director in Guatemala turns himself over to police in inmate slaying case

Ex-Guatemala prison director surrenders to police

Guatemala issues warrants for former interior minister, police chief in inmate slayings

Former Guatemala officials sought in inmate deaths

8 convicted, sentenced in killing of lawyer whose pre-slaying video set off uproar

8 convicted in killing of Guatemalan lawyer

US asylum ruling could spark surge in claims from Guatemala, other Central American countries

US ruling could spark wave of CentAm asylum claims

Court says US should consider giving Guatemalan women asylum because of female murder rate

Guatemalan women could get asylum due to murders

Fed. court opens door for all Guatemalan women to claim political asylum, citing murder rate

Fed. court opens door for Guatemalan asylum claim

4 heads found in Guatemala near Congress, fire station, shopping plaza; organized crime blamed

4 severed human heads found in Guatemalan capital

Guatemala orders DNA tests prior to all adoptions to prevent stolen-child cases

Guatemala orders DNA tests prior to all adoptions

Wake honors homeless Good Samaritan who died on NYC sidewalk as people passed by

Homeless Good Samaritan honored at NY wake

Arizona governor signs tough immigration enforcement measure called ‘misguided’ by Obama

President Barack Obama

Guatemalan police: 13-year-old slaying suspect says he was paid $12.50 to kill woman

Guatemalan cops nab 13-year-old as killing suspect

Guatemala arrests drug investigator for allegedly passing information to Mexico’s Zetas gang

Guatemala says drug investigator tipped off cartel

Guatemalan man convicted in killing of lawyer whose pre-slaying video set off uproar

Man convicted in killing of Guatemalan lawyer

US doctor convicted of sex abuse of boys in Guatemala, sentenced to 6 years in prison

US doctor convicted of sex abuse in Guatemala

Guatemalan rights groups criticize order to free retired colonel convicted in bishop’s killing

Anger over freeing man convicted in bishop murder

Guatemalan court approves ex-president’s extradition to US to face money laundering charges

Court OKs ex-Guatemalan leader’s extradition to US

Guatemala moves closer to extraditing former president to US to face money laundering charges

Guatemala closer to extraditing ex-president to US

Clinton says US demand for narcotics drives Central American narco-violence

Clinton: US demand to blame for drug violence

Guatemala arrests show how drug cartels target weak nations, threaten global security

Guatemala arrests show drug corruption to the core

Guatemala arrests nation’s police chief, anti-drug czar in case tied to cocaine, police deaths

Guatemala arrests national police chief, drug czar

Guatemala detains national police chief, anti-drug czar in drug case tied to police deaths

Guatemalan police chief, drug czar detained

Guatemalan judge orders 8 to stand trial in slaying of lawyer whose video set off uproar

8 to stand trial in Guatemalan lawyer’s death

Guatemalan police arrest ex-president wanted in US on money laundering charges

Guatemalan police arrest ex-president wanted in US

US prosecutors charge former Guatemalan President Portillo with money laundering

Ex-Guatemalan leader Portillo is charged in US

International investigation finds Guatemalan lawyer ordered own killing to frame president

UN: Guatemala attorney orchestrated own killing

Guatemala orders arrest of 2 cousins of slain lawyer who accused president of his killing

Guatemala orders slain lawyer’s relatives arrested