Drug Addiction

LOS ANGELES - The Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy case, charging her lawyer-boyfriend and two doctors with providing the former Playboy model with excessive amounts of drugs, was placed in the hands of a jury Friday.

LOS ANGELES - One of Anna Nicole Smith's doctors prescribed drugs to help the model cope with the death of her son and shouldn't be convicted of conspiring to feed her addiction, a defense attorney argued Wednesday.

LOS ANGELES - After prosecutors depicted Anna Nicole Smith as a victim of her friends, defense lawyers will their chance Wednesday to tell jurors that the former Playboy model was actually being rescued from constant pain by those who gave her prescription drugs.

LOS ANGELES - A prosecutor in the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy case accused the model's boyfriend and doctors of providing her with drugs to enhance their friendships, but a defense attorney countered Tuesday that it was not a crime for a doctor to prescribe medication for a friend in pain.

LOS ANGELES - A prosecutor has portrayed Anna Nicole Smith as an out-of-control drug addict who pressured doctors into prescribing pain killers and sedatives that she craved.
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