Raul Castro says US ignored trio of offers to improve cooperation on counterterrorism

Castro: US ignored its offers on counterterrorism

Guantanamo’s longest hunger striker now eats some food but still underweight and in hospital

Gitmo’s longest hunger striker now eats some food

Cuban human rights leader details govt offer of freedom for more prisoners

Rights leader: More Cuban prisoners to go free

Cuba has approached more political prisoners about being freed into exile, top activist says

Cuba may free more political prisoners into exile

Church: 3 more political prisoners to be released from Cuban jail

Church announces release of 3 Cuba prisoners

APNewsBreak: Terror suspect’s lawyers demand probe of his treatment at ex-CIA site in Poland

APNewsBreak: Poles urged to probe CIA prison acts

Judges question whether alleged 9-11 recruiter could still be considered a member of al-Qaida

Bill Clinton

Church reveals names of 4 more political prisoners Cuba to free into exile in Spain

Cuba to free 4 more political prisoners into exile

Appeals court hears arguments on release of detainee accused of recruiting Sept. 11 hijackers

US fights order to release Guantanamo detainee

Cuban dissident says Fidel Castro should be tried by an international tribunal

Cuban dissident: Castro should be tried

WARSAW, Poland — Fidel Castro should face an international tribunal for alleged crimes against his own people, a recently released Cuban dissident said Thursday.

Guantanamo trial halted by lawyer’s illness to resume in October for young Canadian detainee

Guantanamo trial of Canadian to resume in October

New photos show Cuba’s Fidel Castro visiting Havana aquarium with US journalist, analyst

New photos show Fidel Castro with US journalist

In Cuba, New Mexico governor discusses case of jailed US contractor with top island officials

In Cuba, Richardson raises case of jailed American

Spain says US prepared to take political dissidents released from Cuba jails

The Dalai Lama

2 more Cuban political prisoners arrive in Madrid, 25 now in Spain

2 more Cuban political prisoners arrive in Spain

3 more Cuban political prisoners arrive in Madrid, 23 now in Spain

3 more Cuban dissidents arrive in Spain

MADRID — Three more Cuban political prisoners arrived in Madrid on Tuesday, bringing to 23 the number who have been released into exile under Cuba’s pledge to free dissidents jailed there since 2003.

Cuban Catholic Church reveals names of 6 more prisoners Castro’s gov’t has promised to free

Cuba to free 6 more political prisoners into exile

Guantanamo official says young Canadian’s trial on hold for 30 days due to attorney’s illness

Gitmo trial delayed due to attorney’s illness

Prosecutors: Young Canadian comforted himself at Gitmo by thinking about killing US soldier

Prosecutors: Gitmo inmate took pride in slaying

Venezuelan ex-general who denounced Cuban influence in military faces investigation

Venezuelan ex-general accused of revealing secrets

Guantanamo jury, unaware of secret term limit, recommends 14 years in prison for al-Qaida cook

Gitmo jury recommends 14 years for al-Qaida cook

Guantanamo jury to begin deliberating sentence for al-Qaida cook despite secret term limit

Gitmo jury to choose sentence for al-Qaida cook

Jury selection begins for youngest Guantanamo detainee at 1st war-crimes trial under Obama

President Barack Obama

Trial to begin for Guantanamo’s youngest prisoner, 8 years after his capture in Afghanistan

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Former bin Laden aide to avoid solitary confinement as part of Guantanamo plea deal

Gitmo detainee to avoid solitary in plea deal

US military judge seals sentence for Guantanamo detainee who struck plea deal with prosecutors

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan
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Military jurors fly to Guantanamo Bay to hear 1st war-crimes trial under Obama

Guantanamo gears up for 1st trial under Obama

Cuba holds closed trial for 3 armed men arrested in ‘01, linked to US anti-Castro group

Cuba tries armed men tied to US anti-Castro group

AP Exclusive: To keep program secret, CIA whisked 9/11 figures from Gitmo before court ruling

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan
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Cuba charges Chilean executive linked to Castro in corruption probe, calls for his capture

Cuba calls for capture of Chilean in fraud probe

Cuban human rights group wants 69 political prisoners paroled, despite violent crimes of many

Cuba group wants parole for 69 ‘political’ inmates

Mavs owner Mark Cuban ups ante in Texas Rangers auction, starts bidding war with Nolan Ryan

Bidding war starts in Texas Rangers auction

Mavs owner Mark Cuban submits highest opening bid for Texas Rangers as auction gets under way

Cuban submits highest opening bid for Tx Rangers

Freed Cuban dissident begins exile in Chile as political refugee; gov’t providing housing, job

Freed Cuban political prisoner arrives in Chile

US to hold 1st Gitmo trial under Obama, but stalls on fate of 5 accused in Sept. 11 attacks

President  Barack Obam

Recently freed, paralyzed Cuban political prisoner arrives in Miami; greeted by well-wishers

Paralyzed Cuban political prisoner arrives in US

Ex-Guantanamo detainee handed charges after his repatriation to native Algeria

Ex-Guantanamo detainee charged in native Algeria

The number of political prisoners in Cuba still a murky question depending on who’s counting

Number of political prisoners in Cuba still murky

Paralyzed Cuban political prisoner wins permission to leave island, headed to US next week

Paralyzed Cuban political prisoner headed to US

Cuba summons Chilean businessman Max Marambio in corruption investigation

Cuba orders Chilean to appear in corruption probe

Spies for 30 years, State Department analyst and wife sentenced for stealing secrets for Cuba

US analyst, wife sentenced for spying for Cuba

Retired State Department worker in spy case gets life in prison, wife sentenced to 81 months

In spy case, man gets life, wife 81 months

Ex-State Department worker, wife face prison for nearly 30 years of stealing secrets for Cuba

Feds: Love of Cuba drove 2 spies who face prison

Ex-State Department worker, wife face prison sentences Friday for stealing US secrets for Cuba

Ex-State Department worker, wife face sentencing

Judge rules Guantanamo ex-detainees don’t need to shelve torture lawsuits against Britain

Court rules torture lawsuits against UK continue

Clinton urges US Jewish groups to join campaign to release American aid worker held in Cuba

Clinton asks Jewish support to free worker in Cuba

US transfers Guantanamo detainee to Yemen after 8 years in offshore US prison

US transfers Gitmo prisoner to Yemen

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A Guantanamo Bay prisoner has been transferred to his homeland of Yemen, the U.S. Defense Department announced on Tuesday, after a U.S. district court ordered the longtime detainee’s release.

Brief biographies on 7 Cuban political prisoners released to Spain

Brief biographies on 7 Cubans released to Spain

Cuba releases 7 political prisoners, sends them with their families into exile in Spain

Cuba frees 7 political prisoners into exile

Young Guantanamo detainee says he will boycott trial scheduled for August

Young detainee to boycott trial at Guantanamo