Cooke City

COOKE CITY, Mont. - Montana wildlife officials say they have captured the fourth and final grizzly bear believed involved in the fatal mauling of a Michigan man at a campground near Yellowstone National Park.

COOKE CITY, Mont. - Wildlife officials expected DNA test results to confirm Friday that a captured grizzly bear and her three cubs were the animals that killed one camper and injured two others in a rampage that has set tourists in this Yellowstone National Park gateway community on edge.

COOKE CITY, Mont. - One of the survivors of a deadly grizzly bear attack said Thursday she realized her only hope was to play dead after feeling the bear's jaw clamp onto her arm in the middle of the night.

COOKE CITY, Mont. - A mother grizzly and two of her three cubs have been captured after killing a Michigan man and injuring two other people during an overnight rampage through a campground near Yellowstone National Park.
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