Iran claims computer worm is Western plot to sabotage nuclear program

Iran claims computer worm is Western plot

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran claimed Tuesday that a computer worm found on the laptops of several employees at the country’s nuclear power plant is part of a covert Western plot to derail its nuclear program.

Syria accuses teen blogger imprisoned for 9 months of spying

Syria accuses detained teenage blogger of spying

Official says detained Syrian teen blogger, held for 9 months, was spying for foreign country

Official: Syria accuses teenage blogger of spying

Spy chief says Iran able to fight off worm that hit computers linked to nuclear plant

Spy chief says Iran able to fight computer worm

FBI says cyber-thieves who stole $70M caught with help from Ukraine, Netherlands, UK

FBI says cyber-thieves stole $70 million

WASHINGTON — The FBI and law enforcement agencies in Ukraine, the Netherlands and Britain are tracking down international cyber criminals who stole $70 million by using malware that captured passwords and account numbers to log onto online bank accounts.

60-plus charged in NYC in global computer virus scam to steal millions from US bank accounts

Dozens charged in NY in global computer virus scam

Report: White House wants to give law enforcers easier access to Internet, e-mail wiretaps

Report: US would make Internet wiretaps easier

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange drops Swedish top lawyer Silbersky, requests new representation

WikiLeaks’ Assange requests new lawyer in Sweden

Dubai police chief says planned Blackberry curbs linked to spy worries

Dubai police chief calls BlackBerry a spy tool

Judge: Pa. school district must pay $260,000 to family’s lawyer in laptop spying case

Judge: Pa. district must pay $260K in spying case

Swedish prosecutors defend about-face over recaled WikiLeaks rape allegation

Swedish prosecutors defend WikiLeaks about-face

WikiLeaks founder Assange rejects sex abuse accusations in interview

WikiLeaks founder rejects sex abuse accusations

Swedish officials withdraw arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder, say rape accusation unfounded

Sweden withdraws warrant for WikiLeaks founder

WikiLeaks decries “dirty tricks” in report that its founder is suspected of rape in Sweden

Report: rape investigation of WikiLeaks founder

Filmmaker Michael Moore praises soldier suspected in WikiLeaks case, promises financial aid

Michael Moore praises suspected WikiLeaks source

WikiLeaks seeks online safe haven in Sweden, home of cyberactivists of all stripes

WikiLeaks seeks online safe haven in Sweden

Defense: Case against 3 alleged Madoff employees mired in ‘blob’ of potential evidence

Millions of documents slow Madoff employee case

India eyeing Google and Skype in security crackdown after threat to ban BlackBerry services

India eyes Google and Skype in security crackdown

Oracle sues Google, says Android smart phone system infringes on Java patents

Oracle sues Google for patent infringement

Reach of the Internet and legal realities mean US govt can do little to stop WikiLeaks

What to do about WikiLeaks? Not much can be done

US government faces hurdles as it looks to plug WikiLeaks release of secret documents

Plugging the WikiLeak: What can the government do?

Swedish Web hosting firm confirms WikiLeaks link, reveals server site outside Stockholm

Swedish Web hosting firm confirms WikiLeaks link

SAP accepts liability in Oracle computer-breach case, but vows to fight $1B damages claim

SAP won’t fight Oracle claims in espionage case

Now aiming to seize control, hackers target power plants as US, industry scramble to respond

New threat: Hackers look to take over power plants

In Ljubljana, FBI says 2-year probe led them to Slovenian creator of malicious software

Slovene police, FBI hail ties in cyber crime probe

Justice Department suing Oracle alleging fraud over software contracts

US suing Oracle alleging software contracts fraud

Cyber mastermind _ alleged creator of the Mariposa botnet _ is questioned in Slovenia

Cyber mastermind arrested, questioned in Slovenia

Slovenian police confirm arrest of alleged hacking mastermind

Slovene police confirm arrest of cyber mastermind

APNewsBreak: FBI says cyber mastermind of botnet arrested in Slovenia, more arrests planned

APNewsBreak: FBI says mastermind of botnet nabbed

Leaked Afghan war documents could damage US interests, endanger lives of cooperative locals

US President Barack Obama
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2nd suit filed against Philly-area school district accused of spying on students with laptops

2nd Pa. student files suit alleging laptop spying

Researchers uncover $9 million check-counterfeiting scam using novel technique

Internet crooks craft creative counterfeiting scam

Cyprus justice minister says alleged Russian spy’s laptop will be given to US

Cyprus official: US will get Russian spy’s laptop

Military’s hit list of enemy militants: Reality of Afghanistan conflict or war crime?

Hit list draws fire in wake of leaked US documents

Boston federal judge drastically cuts $675K penalty against student in song-sharing case

Boston judge cuts penalty in song-sharing case

Computers blamed for outages on SKorea, US websites last year repeat attacks but do no damage

Repeat of SKorea, US cyberattacks does no damage

Cyprus justice minister says police searching Russian spy suspect’s confiscated laptop

Cypriot authorities searching spy suspect’s laptop

The spy from Best Buy: Suspects combined spycraft standbys with consumer electronics

Spy suspects allegedly used regular consumer tech

Russian secret agents infiltrated US society for inside policymaking info, prosecutors say


Pivotal ruling focuses on YouTube’s actions, tunes out words in Viacom copyright suit

Judge rebuffs Viacom in YouTube copyright case

Summary Box: Google wins key decision in Viacom’s $1 billion copyright lawsuit against YouTube

Summary Box: Google beats Viacom in copyright case

Judge sides with Google in Viacom’s $1 billion copyright lawsuit over YouTube videos

Judge hands Google victory in $1B Viacom lawsuit

Judge sides with Google in $1 billion copyright lawsuit by Viacom over YouTube videos

Judge sides with Google in $1B Viacom lawsuit

Bernard Madoff’s former finance chief is released on $10 million bail in NYC

Madoff’s ex-finance chief released on bail in NYC

Prosecutors say Calif man hacked into computers to extort sex videos from women, teen girls

Calif man accused of extortion through hacking

FBI investigating AT&T breach that exposed iPad users’ e-mails addresses

FBI investigating AT&T iPad security breach

TechBits: Twitter links; TiVo-Dish patent dispute

TechBits package

SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter plans to start using its own Web link shortener on addresses that users include in tweets.

FBI: Texas man accused of trying to help al-Qaida referred to terror network as his ‘brothers’

FBI says Texas man called al-Qaida his ‘brothers’

Congressional report says US repeated 9/11 intel failures in Christmas bomb plot

Congress: US repeated 9/11 slips in Christmas plot

3 Pakistani men arrested in Times Square probe include cab driver, computer programmer

Boss: 1 of 3 arrested said he knew NY bomb suspect