Somali-born Minnesota terror suspect released from federal prison, deported to Canada

Minn. terror suspect deported to Canada

MINNEAPOLIS — A Somali-born Canadian citizen who admitted he attended al-Qaida training camps in Afghanistan and lectures by Osama bin Laden was released from federal prison Friday after nearly seven years in custody and deported to Canada.

Uzbeks stick to rebuilding in Kyrgyzstan’s divided south as elections approach

Uzbeks avoid politics in Kyrgyz divided south

Voice of America reporter accused of insulting officials goes on trial in Uzbekistan

Voice of America reporter on trial in Uzbekistan

‘We are the soldiers of Allah,’ German militant tells countrymen in Pakistan al-Qaida hub

German militants training in Pakistani border area

Taliban won’t move to formal peace talks until US agrees to timetable for withdrawal

Taliban set preconditions for formal peace talks

Police: 12 arrested in sweeps against suspected Islamic militants in southern France

France: 12 arrested in counterterrorism cases

French terrorism suspect arrested in Italy, suspected of recruiting fighters for Afghanistan

French terrorism suspect arrested in Italy

Pakistan intelligence: Dozens of Europeans in tribal region training for terror missions

Pakistan: Dozens of Europeans in terror training

Officials: Suspected US missile strikes kill 16 in Pakistan amid tension over NATO incursions

Pakistani officials: Suspected US missiles kill 16

Intelligence officials: 2 US missile strikes kill 12 in NW Pakistan amid tension over border

Intel: Strikes continue amid border tension

Intel officials say 2nd suspected US missile strike kills 4 in northwest Pakistani tribal area

Intel: 2nd alleged US missile strike hits Pakistan

Intel officials: US missiles kill 8 people in northwest Pakistan amid high border tensions

Intel: US missiles kill 8 militants in NW Pakistan

Army investigators seize photos of soldiers posing with Afghan corpses, severed body parts

Photos show US soldiers posing with Afghan corpses

Intel official: Germans, Britons hiding in Pakistan at heart of recent Europe terror threat

Official: Germans, Brits behind Europe terror plot

Europol: Terror threat still real despite drop in attacks

Europol: Terror threat still real

BRUSSELS — Europol’s director said Thursday that terror cells are still actively plotting attacks against Europe.

Europe terror threat still active, officials scouring Pakistan sites for al-Qaida operatives

Europe terror threat still active

LONDON — European security officials said Wednesday a terror plot to wage Mumbai-style shooting sprees in Britain, France and Germany is still active and that sites in Pakistan — where the threat was intercepted two weeks ago — are being scoured for al-Qaida operatives.

AP source: Some recent missile strikes in Pakistan aimed at disrupting terror plot in Europe

AP source: Some drone strikes tied to terror plot

Intelligence officials uncover terror plot against W. Europe

Terrorist plot uncovered in Europe

LONDON — Intelligence officials have intercepted a credible terror plot against Britain and France, raising security fears at the Eiffel Tower on Tuesday, but failing to raise the overall threat level in either country.

Afghan minister urges new strategy to dismantle terror networks to win war on terrorism

Afghan minister urges new war on terror networks

Karzai’s brother says he will amend US tax returns; says his businesses are open book

Karzai’s brother says he will amend US tax returns

British aid worker kidnapped; NATO forces begin push in Kandahar

British aid worker kidnapped; push in Kandahar

3 former Australian soldiers face manslaughter charges after 5 children killed in Afghanistan

Former Australian troops charged in Afghan deaths

Afghan officials say British woman and 3 Afghans kidnapped in northeastern Afghanistan

Afghan officials say British woman kidnapped

NATO: 3 Afghan journalists freed after outcry over detainments for alleged Taliban propaganda

NATO says 3 detained Afghan journalists released

Pakistan united in outrage at sentencing of neuroscientist for attacking US agents

Pakistan angry over terror conviction in US

Pakistanis angry over US court’s 86-year prison term for scientist who shot at authorities

Pakistanis furious over woman’s US prison sentence

Pakistan’s PM vows to campaign for release of woman convicted of attempting to kill US agents

Pakistan to fight for terrorist convict’s release

NY judge gives 86 years in prison to Pakistani scientist who shot at US troops in Afghanistan

Pakistani given 86 years for firing at US troops

Scientist is sentenced to 86 years in prison for shooting at US officers in Afghanistan

Pakistani sentenced in NY to 86 years in prison

Afghan president Karzai calls for quick release of detained journalists

Afghan president calls for release of journalists

First partial results from Afghan parliamentary poll released as fraud charges mount

First partial Afghan poll results released

First partial results from Afghan parliamentary poll to be released as fraud charges mount

Partial Afghan poll results to be released

Pakistani scientist convicted of shooting at US troops to be sentenced in NYC, faces life term

Pakistani to be sentenced in NYC for soldier clash

US official: CIA runs Afghan counterterrorism team to hunt Taliban and al-Qaida targets

US official: CIA runs elite Afghan fighting force

US sees closer NATO-Russia ties on Afghan war, missile defense, anti-drug and piracy effort

US expects closer ties Russia-NATO ties

NEW YORK — A planned summit between NATO leaders and Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev will significantly boost cooperation in on the Afghan war, missile defense and fighting drug trafficking and piracy, a senior U.S. official said Tuesday.

Afghan officials say too early to judge election despite observers reporting widespread fraud

Afghan officials say too early to judge election

Election observers urge Karzai’s government to investigate widespread election fraud

Afghan vote observers: Fraud must be investigated

Afghans vote for new parliament despite militant attacks but turnout appears low

Afghans vote despite attacks; turnout appears low

Judges question whether alleged 9-11 recruiter could still be considered a member of al-Qaida