AP IMPACT: Archives uncloak the Pond, secret US intelligence group predating the CIA

AP IMPACT: Before the CIA, there was the Pond

The one who got away: Missing piece to the US-Russia spy swap puzzle is fate of Cyprus suspect

Spy swap mystery: Cyprus bail jumper who vanished

3 await hearings in Russia spy case as Cyprus says alleged money man may have fled island

Hearings set in Va. for 3 in Russia spy case

Cyprus justice minister says he believes alleged Russian spy has fled island

Cyprus official: Russian spy has fled island

US embassy denies reports it is holding alleged Russian spy fugitive who jumped bail in Cyprus

US embassy denies reports it has 11th spy fugitive

US fugitive wanted by FBI in child pornography case captured by police in Hungary

US fugitive caught by police in Hungary

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Hungarian police say they have captured an American wanted by the FBI for the alleged possession and distribution of child pornography.