SAN FERNANDO, Mexico - Working under heavy security in a region controlled by a brutal drug gang, authorities and diplomats began the gruesome task Thursday of identifying the bodies of 72 Central and South American migrants killed just 100 miles from their destination.

MEXICO CITY - A wounded migrant stumbled into a military checkpoint and led marines to a gruesome scene, what may be the biggest massacre so far in Mexico's bloody drug war: a room strewn with the bodies of 72 fellow travelers, some piled on top of each other, just 100 miles from their goal, the U.S.
A look inside the government's deportation flights
CHICAGO - Guillermo Campos Ojeda stares blankly at the clouds from the jetliner's window, mentally retracing the 22 years that he lived in the United States as an illegal immigrant.

EDINBURG, Texas - A jury rejected an insanity defense and found a south Texas man guilty of capital murder Monday for beheading his common-law wife's three children in 2003.

LAREDO, Texas - Mexican rancher Isidro Gutierrez watched with disgust as federal inspectors here chalked a long stripe on his steer's hindquarter.
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