NEW YORK - Members of a street gang discovered one of their recruits was gay, so they attacked the teen, brutally beating and torturing him and two other people in gruesome assaults, police said Friday.

NEW YORK - A Nicaraguan diplomat was found dead Thursday, his stomach stabbed and his throat slashed, in his blood-spattered apartment, hours before he was to attend the U.N.

NEW YORK - A paid FBI informant testified Tuesday that he prodded a would-be bomber to move forward with a 2009 plot to attack synagogues and shoot down military planes by falsely promising to make him "the happiest man on planet Earth." The informant, Shahed Hussain, testified on cross-examination in federal court in Manhattan that he bought food and paid rent for James Cromitie, accused of being the plot's mastermind, weeks before Cromitie and three other men were arrested in an elaborate sting that the defense argues was entrapment.

NEW YORK - A videotape shows the alleged mastermind of a plot to bomb New York synagogues and shoot down military planes practicing with a shoulder missile launcher and praying two weeks before the planned attack.

NEW YORK - A down-and-out Muslim man, under pressure from a paid FBI informant, admitted he was eager to attack a New York synagogue to vent his rage against Jews and U.S.
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