Deputy: Border agent kills drug suspect during traffic stop scrap; suspect apparently unarmed

Deputy: Border agent kills unarmed drug suspect

Family, wife of man reportedly shot on Texas-Mexico border lake visits area, lays wreath

Wife visits border lake where man reportedly shot

APNewsBreak: Perry urges Mexican president to help investigate lake shooting

APNewsBreak: Perry seeks Mexico’s help in probe

Cambodian opposition leader convicted, sentenced to 10 years in absentia for dishonoring govt

Cambodian opposition leader convicted in absentia

Congress toughens Indian Arts and Crafts Act, aimed at halting misrepresentation

Amendments toughen anti-fraud arts and crafts law

Mexico’s govt to up security following blasts in border city; massacre investigation continues

Mexico to up security in border city after blasts

Perry talks often about Texas Rangers’ border security work, just don’t ask him for specifics

US President Barack Obama

Mexican drug war sends bullets whizzing across the border into El Paso; police can do little

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

Close to heavily guarded border fence, pair of tiny Rio Grande bridges allow passage to US

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Immigration chief in Phoenix fighting belief that federal government isn’t doing enough

The White House

Obama to sign $600M bill to add more Border Patrol agents, equipment along Mexican border

President Barack Obama

Senate sends Obama $600M bill to beef up personnel, equipment along Mexican border

US President Barack Obama

US Customs: Suspect in Mich., Va., stabbings arrested in Atlanta trying to fly to Israel

Suspect in Mich., Va. stabbings nabbed in Atlanta

Mexican government sends rights commission inspectors to border ahead of Arizona law

Mexico sends human rights inspectors to border

India presses Pakistan to pursue new leads in Mumbai case, no breakthroughs in latest talks

No breakthroughs: Pakistan, India to keep talking

Pakistan, India seek to improve relationship strained by Mumbai attacks with high-level talks

Pakistan, India seek to rebuild trust with talks

Homeland Secretary Napolitano huddles with Arizona Gov. Brewer amid immigration law dispute

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

At heart of Arizona lawsuit: Should gov’t deport all illegal immigrants or just criminals?

Enforcement at heart of Ariz. immigration lawsuit

Justice Department files lawsuit to block tough new Arizona law targeting illegal immigrants

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APNewsBreak: Courts requesting $40 million to help carry out Obama’s border enforcement

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SPIN METER: What’s in a phrase? Whoever defines ‘border security’ shapes policy

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APNewsBreak: US official says video appears to show Mexican officers entered US after boy shot

El Paso Border Patrol shooting murky

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — U.S. and Mexican officials are trading suggestions of misconduct as the shooting of a 15-year-old Mexican by a U.S. Border Patrol agent on the border with Texas swells into a full-blown international incident.

Officials say Border Patrol agent shoots suspect after confrontation at international bridge

Officials: Border agent shoots suspect at bridge

Iraqi official says Iranian troops cross into northern Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish rebels

Iraqi official says Iranian troops cross border

AP Impact: Despite calls for more troops, data shows US-Mexico border is actually pretty safe

AP Impact: US-Mexico border isn’t so dangerous

Somali official worries refugees seeking US asylum may get caught in Texas border terror alert

Somali diplomat concerned about Texas terror alert

Fence can help protect urban areas from illegal border crossings, but isn’t a cure-all

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Obama tackles border security with plan to send 1,200 National Guard troops to US-Mexico line

Obama puts forth border plan similar to Bush’s

Obama to send up to 1,200 troops to US-Mexico border, McCain says many more needed

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Obama set to sent up to 1,200 troops to US-Mexico border to improve security

The White House

Although US travelers to terror havens are a growing worry, tracking raises privacy concerns

US travelers to terror havens a growing worry

Senators push for National Guard troops on Southern border, administration can’t agree on plan

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$143 million worth of counterfeit network computer seized

Crackdown targets counterfeiting network equipment

Officials didn’t call all airlines to say Times Square suspect on no-fly list; rules tightened

Feds didn’t call all airlines to warn of suspect

Presidents meet to increase security along Brazil-Paraguay border, where drug traffickers rule

Brazil, Paraguay fight narcos with border security

Marchers hit streets calling on Obama to act immediately on federal immigration reform

Arizona law sparks calls for action on immigration

Tens of thousands march nationwide to protest Ariz. immigration law, revive call for reforms

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New law banning Palestinian work in Israeli settlements not to be enforced immediately

No fines now for Palestinian settlement workers

Democrats’ immigration bill calls for benchmarks before illegal immigrants can change status