Eiffel Tower reopens after being evacuated following second bomb threat in 2 weeks

Eiffel Tower reopens after telephoned bomb threat

Tourists let back inside Eiffel Tower after second bomb threat in 2 weeks

Tourists back in Eiffel Tower after bomb threat

Relatives greet Pakistani jet diverted because of false bomb threat

Plane arrives in Pakistan after false bomb threat

Bomb scare interrupts flight carrying 273 people, but may have been a hoax

Bomb scare diverts plane; may have been a hoax

Plane bomb suspect released in Sweden after being questioned by police

Plane bomb suspect released in Sweden

STOCKHOLM — Swedish police say a man detained after a tip-off that he was carrying explosives on a Pakistan International Airlines jet has been released.

Bomb scare interrupts Pakistani flight carrying 273 people, but may have been a hoax

Bomb scare delays plane; may have been a hoax

Pakistan-bound plane evacuated in Stockholm due to bomb threat, suspect detained

Pakistan jet evacuated in Sweden after bomb threat

Friend: Chicago bomb suspect wanted quick fame, fortune

Friend: Bomb suspect wanted quick fame, fortune

Int Min: Terrorism threat high against France after Eiffel Tower bomb alert, Niger kidnappings

Int Min: France faces high terrorism threat

Reports: Police search turns up nothing suspicious after Eiffel Tower bomb threat

Reports: Eiffel Tower bomb threat was false alarm

FBI: Bomb threat written on restroom mirror of LA-bound Thai Airways plane was a hoax

FBI: Bomb threat on Thai Airways plane was hoax

FBI trying to determine whether passenger made bomb hoax on LA-bound Thai Airways flight

FBI investigating bomb hoax on LA-bound plane

Alleged Norway bomb plot points to pitfalls of al-Qaida’s new looser structure

Norway ‘bomb plot’ underscores al-Qaida pitfalls

Drug lords, bomb threats and more: young aspiring police officers train, compete at conference

Aspiring police officers train, compete at event

SUV in bomb scare registered to Idaho attorney charged in murder-for-hire plot

SUV in Idaho bomb scare belongs to attorney

Chicago man, 75, tells NY authorities he was only kidding about having bomb aboard airplane

Man arrested in bomb-on-plane report: I was joking

Police: Fla.-bound Southwest flight delayed in NY, inspected after man says he has bomb in bag

Police: Man’s bomb comment delays flight in NY

911 transcript reveals work between police, Greyhound official to stem NH bomb scare

Police, bus cooperation revealed in NH bomb scare

FBI says man once convicted in bomb scares accused of new threats at main Puerto Rico airport

FBI alleges Puerto Rico man made bomb threats

UK man who joked on Twitter about blowing up airport convicted of sending menacing message

British man convicted for Twitter bomb ‘threat’

Police response to NH bus bomb scare _ with NYC in mind _ left passenger too scared to leave

Police: No criminal intent in NH bus bomb scare

Police say 2 charged in NH bus bomb scare; 1 for resisting arrest, 1 for obstruction

Police: 2 charged in NH bus bomb scare

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — A man whose overheard phone conversation on a Greyhound bus sparked a bomb scare and daylong standoff won’t face criminal charges, but two other passengers were arrested for their behavior after leaving the bus.

Police: At least one person charged after daylong NH bus bomb scare

Police: Criminal charges in NH bus bomb scare

AP source: NH bus bomb scare a misunderstanding involving passenger who didn’t speak English

AP source: NH bus bomb scare a misunderstanding

Police chief says NH bomb scare, hours-long standoff with passenger ‘not terrorist event’

Police: NH bus bomb scare not ‘terrorist event’

Investigators have yet to verify NYC bomb suspect’s claim of terrorism training in Pakistan

US yet to verify suspect’s claimed terror training

Napolitano says US hasn’t ruled out foreign terrorist threat in NYC bomb scare

Napolitano: No suspects ruled out in NY bomb scare

Qatari diplomat in bomb scare will leave country without charges as US plans to close case

US to close book on diplomat’s airline bomb scare

Diplomat involved in bomb scare was en route to meet jailed terrorist in Colorado

Diplomat was headed to meet jailed terrorist

AP sources: Diplomat in bomb scare was en route to meet jailed terrorist in Colorado

AP sources: Diplomat was to meet jailed terrorist

Police arrest man who made bomb threat at Tulsa International Airport; no explosives found

Police arrest bomb threat man at Tulsa airport

Bomb threat forces authorities to evacuate Kansas City courthouse

Bomb threat closes Kansas City federal courthouse

Man with fake bomb on body claims to be vampire and space cowboy; disrupts downtown Seattle

‘Vampire’ wearing pipe disrupts downtown Seattle

Seattle police arrest man who had wired device taped to his body

Seattle police stop man with device taped to body

Md. man sentenced to 25 years for hijacking shuttle bus, threatening to blow up NJ casino

Md. man gets 25 years in ‘07 NJ casino bomb threat

2 high school classmates plead not guilty in alleged plot to bomb NYC subway

2 plead not guilty in NY subway bomb plot case

Man who made bomb threat at LA-area bank surrenders

Suspect in Calif. bomb threat arrested

MONROVIA, Calif. — Monrovia police say a man who barricaded himself in a bank entrance and claimed to have a bomb has surrendered in the Los Angeles foothill suburb .

Feds question passenger after flight crew in Michigan says he was acting suspicious on plane

Suspicious airplane passenger questioned in Mich.

AP Source: Man arrested in airplane bomb threat, Michigan airport temporarily closed

AP Source: Man arrested in airplane bomb threat

British police charge 2 men of making bomb hoax, being drunk on plane bound for Dubai

UK police charge 2 men after Heathrow bomb threat

British police arrest 3 men at Heathrow on suspicion of making bomb threat aboard plane

UK police: 3 arrested after Heathrow bomb threat

Airline cancels German family’s vacation after member jokes about terrorism at airport

Man jokes about terrorism at German airport

Taliban claim responsibility for bomb blast that killed 5 Canadians in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan