Calif. farmers could get ownership of massive Central Valley water pipes, pumps under proposal

Proposal: Calif. farmers could own water pipes

Former special forces soldier jailed in UK for stealing rare falcon eggs for rich Arab buyer

Ex-soldier jailed for stealing rare falcon eggs

Malaysian police raid for stolen cars finds hundreds of birds, other protected wildlife

Malaysia raid for stolen cars nets protected birds

California man gets 4 months in prison for smuggling songbirds, hiding them in pants

Calif. man gets prison for smuggling songbirds

Monthlong vigil at Mich. mine site Indians call sacred ends with arrests, but foes won’t quit

Vigil at Michigan mine site ends with 2 arrests

Cable ties Kissinger to cancellation of assassination warning to Chile before Letelier murder

Cable ties Kissinger to Chile controversy

WASHINGTON — As secretary of state, Henry Kissinger canceled a U.S. warning against carrying out international political assassinations that was to have gone to Chile and two neighboring nations just days before a former ambassador was killed by Chilean agents on Washington’s Embassy Row in 1976, a newly released State Department cable shows.

Trade in endangered animals flourishing in Middle East, fueled by corruption, weak legislation

UN animal conference tackles Mideast animal trade

Ohio zoo providing aid for more than 1,000 parrots rescued from smugglers in Cameroon

Ohio zoo helping with parrots rescued in Cameroon

Conservative activist told of New Orleans ‘project’ days before arrest in phone tampering case

Activist touted ‘project’ before phone tamper case

Louisiana phone-tampering case: Was it a prank or Watergate-style political espionage?

Phone-tampering case: Prank or political spying?