NASSAU, Bahamas - A jury in the Bahamas has convicted a 19-year-old man of attempted murder in the 2008 shooting of a New Jersey police officer who tried to prevent a robbery while on vacation.

LOS ANGELES - Prosecution and defense attorneys rested their cases Monday in the seven-week drug conspiracy trial of Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer-boyfriend and two doctors charged with providing her with excessive amounts of opiates and sedatives while knowing she was an addict.

LOS ANGELES - A key witness at the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy trial retracted previous statements and testified Friday that she never saw defendant Howard K.

LOS ANGELES - The judge in Anna Nicole Smith's drug conspiracy trial told jurors Wednesday to disregard part of a former nanny's testimony because he did not consider it reliable.

LOS ANGELES - A second nanny testifying at the drug conspiracy trial of Anna Nicole Smith's two doctors and lawyer-boyfriend said Tuesday that she kept a list of drugs given to the model and that it numbered 18 at one point.
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