BAKU, Azerbaijan - An Azerbaijani newspaper editor was convicted on new charges Tuesday following a European court's ruling urging his release.
On heels of spy case, Clinton in Russia's backyard
WASHINGTON - On the heels of a sensational Russian spy scandal, Hillary Rodham Clinton is making her first visit as secretary of state to four post-Soviet states, each with a direct stake in the Obama administration's campaign to "reset" relations with its former Cold War foe.

BAKU, Azerbaijan - A court in Azerbaijan has rejected the appeal of two bloggers who were sentenced to prison last year in a case that supporters say was politically motivated.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - A Bahamas court has rejected a U.S.

SHYMKENT, Kazakhstan - The trail of the plane busted in Thailand last month for allegedly smuggling North Korean weapons to Iran leads back to a small air freight company housed near an old Soviet airfield on the edge of the Kazakh steppe.
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