UN peacekeeper abducted as Security Council visits Darfur, voices concern over violence

UN members visit Darfur as peacekeeper is abducted

EU Naval Force: Taiwanese fishing boat reported as pirated is free, was never attacked

Taiwanese fishing vessel reported pirated is free

Children in West Africa still forced into labor and trafficked to make chocolate, report says

WAfrica children still exploited to make chocolate

EU Naval Force: Somali pirates seize Taiwanese fishing boat in southernmost hijacking to date

Somali pirates seize Taiwanese fishing vessel

Nigeria: Feared Muslim sect that launched prison break kills political leader

Nigeria: Muslim sect members kill political leader

Zimbabwe state broadcaster warns low-paid journalists to stop taking bribes from politicians

Zimbabwe broadcaster warns against media bribes

SAfrican court denies Rwandan bail, saying suspect offered $1 million bribe to police

No bail for accused in Rwandan general shooting

UN: Fellow rebels handed over commander accused of leading mass gang rapes in eastern Congo

UN: Rebels turn in comrade accused in Congo rapes

Ethiopian officials pardon and release top opposition leader who had been jailed for life

Ethiopian officials release top opposition leader

Former soldier arrested over alleged Congo gang-rapes was surrendered by fellow rebels

Rebels handed over man arrested over Congo rapes

Sailors injured in 10-year-old suicide attack on USS Cole file lawsuit against Sudan

Sailors injured in USS Cole attack file lawsuit

UN and Congolese forces arrest rebel commander for alleged mass rapes in eastern Congo

Rebel commander arrested for alleged Congo rapes

Nigerian militant case in S.Africa shows challenges faced by haven for continent’s dissidents

Some who flee to S.Africa are diplomatic challenge

Algerian court acquits Christian couple of offending Islam by lunching during Ramadan

2 Christians acquitted in Algeria Ramadan case

Congo government says man who threw rocks at president’s motorcade committed suicide in jail

Congo: Man who threw rocks commits suicide in jail

Nigeria: Unknown gunmen kidnap foreign sailors off coast of restive Niger Delta

Nigeria: Foreign sailors kidnapped off Niger Delta

Reported child sex abuse on the rise in Africa amid new helplines, police work and legislation

Kenya sees rise in reports of child sex abuse

6 foreigners kidnapped in Cameroon in September are released, government says

6 foreign hostages freed in Cameroon

YAOUNDE, Cameroon — Six foreigners who were kidnapped off the coast of Cameroon in early September have been released, a government spokesman said Thursday.

Police spokesman says kidnappers have released 15 children taken from school bus in Nigeria

Nigeria: Kidnapped school children released

Spanish judge releases US al-Qaida suspect citing lack of evidence, but probe continues

Spanish judge frees US al-Qaida suspect

MADRID — A Spanish judge ordered the release Thursday of a U.S. citizen of Algerian origin who was detained on suspicion of financing al-Qaida’s North Africa affiliate, citing a lack of evidence but keeping the investigation open.

Medical experts challenge prognosis for Lockerbie bomber as senator suspects mischief

Medical experts doubt Lockerbie bomber’s prognosis

Senator says Scotland gave conflicting accounts of Lockerbie bomber’s treatment

Senator: conflicting account of bomber’s treatment

State Dept. official to Congress: US has no records of BP seeking Lockerbie bomber’s release

US has no records on BP and Lockerbie bomber

Europe terror threat still active, officials scouring Pakistan sites for al-Qaida operatives

Europe terror threat still active

LONDON — European security officials said Wednesday a terror plot to wage Mumbai-style shooting sprees in Britain, France and Germany is still active and that sites in Pakistan — where the threat was intercepted two weeks ago — are being scoured for al-Qaida operatives.

As many as 40,000 Nigerian girls and women trafficked for sex in W. Africa, officials say

Nigerian: 40,000 trafficked for sex to W. Africa

European Union Naval Force says Somali pirates hijack cargo ship with 15 Indian crew

EU: Somali pirates hijack ship with 15 Indian crew

Spain arrests American of Algerian origin on suspicion of financing al-Qaida

Spain arrests American al-Qaida suspect

MADRID — Spanish police have arrested a U.S. citizen of Algerian origin who is suspected of financing al-Qaida’s North African affiliate, the Interior Ministry said Wednesday.

Police: Kidnappers in Nigeria seize school bus, kidnap 15 children in country’s east

Nigeria kidnappers abduct school children from bus

Kidnappers in Nigeria seize school bus full of children in country’s east, police say

Nigeria kidnappers seize school bus full of kids

Court changes death sentence for Egypt mogul accused of killing diva lover to 15 years in jail

Egypt mogul gets 15 years jail instead of death

AP Interview: Kenya accuses West of neglecting Somalia, anti-piracy flotilla waste of money

Kenya says West wasting money on anti-piracy ships

Pirates seize cargo ship off Somalia’s coast with 12 Ukrainians onboard

Pirates seize cargo ship off Somalia’s coast

Brother says suspect in Neb. storage shooting was ‘good kid’ who fled war in Sudan with family

Neb. shooting suspect was Sudanese war refugee

South African man shot dead by police after holding family hostage and shooting wife, son

SAfrica man shot by police after standoff

JOHANNESBURG — Police say a South African man fatally shot his son and injured his wife before police broke into the house and shot him dead.

South African police investigating whether officers aided escape of 8 prisoners from court

South African police arrested for prisoner escape

Illegal occupiers in Zimbabwe kill hundreds of animals in nature reserve, say conservationists

Zimbabwe illegal occupiers destroy animal reserve

Kidnapping of French uranium workers in Niger shows al-Qaida-linked group getting bolder

Niger kidnappings show group getting bolder

French def. min. says kidnapping of 3 French employees from ship off Nigeria looks like piracy

France says Nigeria kidnapping looks like piracy

Iraqi told FBI that Saddam ‘delighted’ in 1998 embassy bombings, but had no links to bin Laden

Iraqi: Saddam ‘delighted’ in terror attacks on US

Spain asks SAfrica to hand over ex-Rwandan general accused of genocide who survived shooting

Spain asks SAfrica to extradite ex-Rwanda general

Pirates attack French marine oil ship off Nigeria, 3 French employees taken hostage

3 French employees kidnapped from ship off Nigeria

Zimbabwe drops charges against US health workers arrested for work at orphanage, AIDS clinic

Zimbabwe drops charges against US health workers

French president Sarkozy calls Niger kidnappings ‘worrying,’ pledges to mobilize government

France’s Sarkozy calls Niger kidnappings worrying

South African police arrest 11 suspected rhino poachers, including 2 veterinarians

SAfrican police arrest 11 suspected rhino poachers

Pirates attack French marine services ship off Nigeria, 3 employees taken hostage

3 French employees kidnapped in ship off Nigeria

French minister to meet Malian president as search for 7 kidnapped by al-Qaida continues

French minister in Mali amid hostage standoff

French interior minister leaves for Mali, will discuss hostage-taking in Niger with president

French minister heads to Mali amid hostage crisis

Al-Qaida North Africa branch claims responsibility for kidnapping 5 French in Niger

Al-Qaida claims kidnapping of 5 French in Niger

Egyptian police arrest protesters decrying possible succession of Mubarak’s son

Egyptian police crack down on anti-Mubarak protest

Libyan newspaper says Canadian detained on suspicion of spying for the CIA

Report: Libya detains Canadian spy suspect