Bolivia begins military training for civilians, opposition warns of pro-government militias

Bolivia begins military training for civilians

Bolivia president’s inaugural priest nabbed in liquid cocaine bust

Bolivia coke bust nabs pres’ inaugural priest

UN: Peru coca production up for 4th straight year, gaining on Colombia as top producer

UN: Peru coca crop up 4th straight year

LIMA, Peru — Peru’s coca crop grew for a fourth straight year, edging the country closer to its South American neighbor Colombia in overall cultivation of the raw material of cocaine, the United Nations said Tuesday.

Bolivian general who caught ‘Che’ Guevara gets house arrest in alleged plot against president

Bolivia: House arrest for general who caught ‘Che’

Ex-priest charged with raping kids in Bolivia eludes justice after returning home to Uruguay

Uruguayan ex-priest avoids justice on rape charges

Bolivian president seeks inroads into opposition stronghold to consolidate power

Last stand for opposition in Bolivia elections

Bolvian ex-general who captured ‘Che’ summoned for questioning in alleged separatist plot

Bolivian who captured ‘Che’ wanted for questioning

Bolivia fires prison chief over favors for convicted ex-dictator

Bolivia jailer ousted over favors for ex-dictator

Mexican authorities arrest top 2 reputed leaders of a brutal Tijuana drug cartel

Mexico arrests 2 reputed leaders of Tijuana gang

Mexico, US cite cooperation as anti-drug war nets 2nd brutal brutal gang kingpin in a month

Mexico-US cooperation cited in 2nd druglord arrest

Arrest of violent Tijuana kingpin suggests new intel-gathering methods working in drug war

Mexico drug kingpin arrest highlights new strategy